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Skunk2 Ultra Series BRZ/FR-S Radiator w/ Built-in Oil Cooler

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Skunk2 Ultra Series BRZ/FR-S Radiator w/ Built-in Oil Cooler
Part Number: sk349-12-5000
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Skunk2 s all-aluminum, full-size Ultra Series Radiator for the FRS/BRZ is a direct-fit upgrade designed to dramatically increase both cooling efficiency and engine performance. Ultra Series Radiators are manufactured from lightweight and durable aluminum, feature 100-percent brazed cores, and include polished end tanks with Skunk2 s signature Ultra logo embossed along each side. Each Ultra Series Radiator features high-efficiency fins for maximum cooling capabilities. Each Ultra Series Radiator also includes provisions for the OEM cooling fan and OEM-compatible, 1.50-inch inlets and outlets, and an integrated oil cooler. Ultra Series Radiators feature a built in oil cooler in the end tank. Skunk2 s commitment to producing high-quality components means that each Ultra Series Radiator meets or exceeds original equipment manufacturer standards, that each radiator may be installed without modification to the vehicle, and is compatible with OEM hoses, cooling fans, and shrouds. (Note: Some engine swap applications may require custom radiator hoses and/or cooling fans.) Skunk2 s Ultra Series Radiators are the perfect addition to any high-performance vehicle and are designed for the street, the track, or even OEM replacement purposes. Ultra Series Radiators are built to withstand harsh elements as well as against years of under-hood heat cycling. Each Ultra Series Radiator adheres to strict quality control standards and careful packaging, resulting in tubes and fins capable of optimal flow and efficient heat transfer. * Built in Oil Cooler in the end tank * 1.50-inch inlets and outlets * Lightweight brazed cores * Compatible with OEM hoses, cooling fans, and shrouds

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