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SXTH Element Veloster N Downpipe with High Flow Cat

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The SXTH Element Engineering Certified High Flow Cat Downpipe for the Veloster N is a complete bolt-on, turn key solution for more power out of the stock turbocharger. It is also a requirement for our Bolt-On+ ECU Calibrations if you want to achieve 300 horsepower at the wheels.

The OEM catalytic converter in the Veloster N is very large and a huge restriction in the exhaust system. We replace the stock unit with a turbine matched cast bellmouth and full 3 inch diameter tubing all the way to the factory cat-back system. Our unit is full 304 stainless steel construction with the finest TIG welds and components.

Tuning is not required to install this downpipe. We also take the necessary design steps to keep the check engine light from coming on. We also utilize OEM exhaust hangers and a large Euro-style flex section for an OEM quality installation.

Our N Downpipe is designed and built to withstand the most rigorous conditions. To help with heat management, we include a new shield (OEM can be used but it's ugly, right?) and our Downpipe arrives to you with a full proprietary finish.

The N Downpipe also comes with a new heat 304 stainless heat shield ceramic coated in Transfer Gray. You do have the choice to use the stock heat shield though!

We start by 3D scanning the OEM downpipe (shown here in transparent blue) and design our new pipe using the latest in 3D CAD software. We can overlay our new design with OEM to make sure you have a perfect fit.

Our main design point of this downpipe is our cast 304 stainless steel bellmouth. Using our 3D scanning and computer modeling, we can match the turbine geometry while maximizing flow into the tubing. This also allows us to make tight bend geometry while maintaining a nice and thick-walled part that can withstand the abuse of racing both on the track and auto-cross. This is far-superior to pie-cut welded tubing in every way! We can also easily retain the mounting points for factory heat shielding.

We use nothing but the finest quality, made in USA catalytic converters.

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