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SXTH Element V2 Front Mount Intercooler Kit for 2013-2018 Veloster Turbo

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***Please note, you must have our Intake or an intake from another manufacturer. This kit does not work with any airbox system.

We are proud to release our second version of the Front Mount Intercooler Kit for the 2013-2018 Hyundai Veloster Turbo. A lot of R&D has gone into this updated kit and the results show. An additional 12 wheel horsepower and 3 wheel torque was gained versus just having our intake installed. Throttle response is virtually unchanged versus the stock system and we also achieved lower intake air temperatures contributing to the gain in horsepower.

What makes our kit different from the others?

  • Crash Bar included! Turbosmart VeePort Pro blow off valve included
  • No cutting the bottom radiator support tabs
  • No rubbing to A/C condensers
  • No moving the radiator toward the engine
  • No bending of A/C lines
  • Core is centered in the bumper
  • CAD designed and tested core end tanks - superior to fabricated sheet metal
  • Bolt-on OEM design with brackets and mounts for OEM components

First, to increase airflow and help take some stress off the turbocharger, we have 2.25in diameter piping mandrel bent to shape. There are no welds to worry about cracking and leaking. Our pipe size can flow enough air for over 400+ horsepower so you can be sure our kit will be sufficient for your build. Made from 6061 Aluminum and powdercoated our signature wrinkle black, these pipes are durable and will look good for a very long time.

Our intercooler core is where we get serious. We have accumulated about 100 hours of heavy CAD (computer aided design) modeling and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulation. After going through 3 different designs we have achieved a fine balance between evenly distributed flow across the core and entry/exit endtanks. We believe it's this efficiency through the core that helps us keep similar throttle response to stock. The end tanks are high quality cast aluminum. We went with casting the end tanks because we have full control over their geometry, and we can tweak their design to have the best airflow characteristics. It is very difficult and near impossible to get our results with sheet metal fabricated end tanks.

This is a screenshot of part of the design process. In this photo, you can see colored tubes that represent a lot of data including air speed, mass flow, and calculated temperature.
This simulation comes from the CAD model that also helps us assemble parts and visualize their fit and finish. We also use these files to manufacture the different parts of the kit.

Unlike other manufacturers, our kit comes with a high quality, top brand blow off valve from Turbosmart. This valve flows a ton of air, looks good, and has a great price point. Other flanges for different valves are available, including HKS, so email us if that is what you need and we can accommodate.

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