Pierce Motorsports 2014-2017 Fiesta ST Rear Torsion Bar

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Pierce Motorsports 2014-2017 Fiesta ST Rear Torsion Bar
Part Number: PMFIST-RTOR
Hey folks-alright! We are excited to finally release our Fiesta ST Rear Torsion bar/rear torsion beam stiffener.  After many miles of testing and info gathered, both on/off the racetrack in several different twist beam platforms over many years we're ready to start production! The results are impressive and we're able to offer the product with different stiffness rates to tailor/suit individual performance needs.  First the benefits!

~Improved stability at higher speeds in both straightline and corners over uneven surfaces!
~Reduces rear toe change over bumps/curbing/helps with rear bump steer!                               
~Improved balance helping both turn in and mid corner grip!                               
~Helps reduce dreaded FWD understeer!!!                              
 ~Will enhance both spirited Daily Drivers, Track and Race cars alike!

For most folks improving grip is important, however, using parts that haven't been properly developed/tested often times leads to disappointment and can create complications.  We've taken our time with this platform/product development and really will only produce products that improve the driving experience.  The design we've chosen for the rear twist beam offers maximum effectiveness while still being extremely easy to install with basic tools.  The bar requires just a 3/4" wrench or socket and installs in a few minutes!
As with most of our products we've chosen Chromoly because of it's strength to weight ratio.  Being 3X more rigid then mild steel (and 10X as strong as aluminum at the same thickness) allows us to design a much lighter/stronger product.  We're also able to "tune" the product by using different lengths/thicknesses of material to create something completely unique for the Fiesta ST platform!  We've chosen to use a billet threaded/machined pin as our center capture point offering maximum holding strength as the bar will see tremendous loads during cornering---We've also radiused the top to perfectly mate to the underside of the torsion beam as it's not flat up there!  Maximum contact insures that the bar will stay tight, the torsion beam hole will not "oval" out after time, and the bar won't lose its effectiveness.  Additionally we've added lower rear stays that "wedge" into the beam offering additional contact points which take stress/reduce the load on the hardware.  By having 3 contact points per side, we're able to maximize the effectiveness of the torsion bar!  Additionally we've machined Acetal/Delrin bushings at the lower two contact points which eliminate the need to drill a hole through the torsion beam in the car---The beam is not soft material---it's actually very tough and adding holes reduce effectiveness, the beams surface area, and can create additional trouble if not drilled straight/down the line.
Torsion bars come with  fine thread hardware and are available in two different rates---the STREET version and RACE version!!!  Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery if not in stock-thanks!

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