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Limited Edition BTR Snowboard (By Blanksnowboards.com)

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Your Price: $400.00
Retail Price:$649.00
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Limited Edition BTR Snowboard (By Blanksnowboards.com)
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This is a Limited Edition Custom Snowboard built to celebrate our SEMA 2019 build.

Two of these snowboards will be displayed with our SEMA build for this year and its your chance to own a piece of our SEMA build.

The board is built to your specifications and is a full custom board built by Blank Snowboards.

We are only building 10 total boards, so get on it ASAP!

Usual cost to build a custom board with Blank snowboards start at $649.00 but we are going to bring it to you at $400!   be the first 10 to order and own this limited edition snowboard


If you are looking for a good all around board the All-Terrain board is an excellent choice.  If you want a top of the line wicked fast board choose the All-Mountain Pro board.  If you are planning or doing a lot of rails and riding in the park chose our Park board.

Camber:  All of our boards are traditional camber except for our park board.  If you want to learn more about camber, here is a great article on traditional and reverse camber



Now that you’ve chosen the board, you’ll want to fine-tune your selection by selecting the proper length and width.



Length is the most important thing to consider once you have chosen your model.

The snowboard length is measured in centimeters.  Below general recommendations for snowboard lengths based on height.  You may decide to go with a slightly shorter or longer based on riding preferences.


The table provides a general recommendation for packed snow conditions. You’ll notice that each board size covers a fairly wide range of heights. As long you fall within this range your snowboard is going to suit you just fine. However, you may prefer that your board is on the longer or shorter side of the spectrum depending on your personal preference and riding style.

There are a few widely recognized recommendations that are worth noting:

Short (collarbone to chin) – shorter boards lead to more control. Riders who are inexperienced would probably want a board on the shorter side. Boarders who ride in the park would also consider riding a shorter board.

Long (nose to chin) – all-mountain riders love the longer boards. The longer the board, the faster you will go. You forgo some control; however, you get more speed and float on snow.

Longest (nose or above) – if you ride in deep powder, a really long board might be a good option.



Width is next thing you need to consider.

You want your feet to expand across the whole width of the board to ensure control.  However, you want a balance – so you don’t want your toes or heels to hang to far over the board.  This is called toe/heel drag.

If your toes or heels hang off the edge of the board you need a wider board.  So if you have size 12+ feet, you’ll definitely want to buy either our 159cm wide or are 163 cm board.

Ultimately, the size of boots that fit on a board depends on your stance.  The wider your stance the larger the boot that will fit on your board.  Also, the more angled your stance the larger the boot that can fit on a board.

Here are rough recommendations for the max recommended boot sizes specifically for our snowboards: