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Killer B WRC Style Round Shift Knob White 6mt

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Killer B WRC Style Round Shift Knob White 6mt
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NOT a Copolymer Shift Knob. Made from the superior material Delrin. Wonderful feel to this material, never too hot or too cold. The Delrin Shift Knob is strong enough to not require a brass insert to be used, which coincidentally the knob is stronger without an insert, and it holds a thread very well too. This simple design gives the best bang for the buck. Finish brushed for your viewing pleasure. Hand Polished Delrin knobs are available with a highly reflective surface and offer a sticky feel suited for performance or track environments. These knobs do not wear! Fits all Impreza WRX and STi, Legacy, Forester, Ford Focus and Toyota Scion & Yaris. Does NOT fit Automatic transmission cars. * All Impreza 5 Speed * All 04+ STi * Legacy 5MT and 6MT * Forester 5MT * Stronger than Copolymer * Brushed Finish * Black or White * Performance Polished Finish Available * 5MT = 5-Speed, 6MT = 6-Speed

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