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EBC Ultimax OE Style Disc Kit Genesis Coupe Front Brembo 2010-16

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13.4" diameter

EBC RK7566 RK Series Premium OE Replacement Front Rotors - (Pair)
Product Features

Sized and shaped to original equipment specifications with extremely tight tolerances
Designed to meet or reduce factory levels of heat buildup brake noise vibration and wear
Recommended by EBC for use with EBC Ultimax and Yellowstuff pads
Protective finish provides corrosion protection for all non-contact areas
Recommended by EBC for normal street driving high performance street driving truck or SUV use drifting and short track runs
High quality gray iron features a higher carbon content to reduce brake shudder heat cracking and high-frequency vibrations which cause squealing
Vented center allows air to pass between both rotor sides for more effective cooling
EBC recommends a 500 mile break in period with lighter braking application
6-month/3 000 mile manufacturer warranty against premature rotor wear under normal driving conditions

Product Description

Why pay dealership prices that are marked up 100 percent when you can purchase EBC high-quality RK Series Premium OE Replacement rotors for less? Unlike cheaper inferior replacement rotors that may look identical to original equipment EBC builds these to match original factory dimensions and machines them to extremely tight tolerances. But they did not stop there. EBC has applied their engineering expertise to create an iron compound that exceeds the quality of most original material blends so these rotors actually improve on factory levels of heat buildup brake noise vibration and wear. A higher percentage of carbon and silicone is present which leads to the formation of graphite during the curing process. When graphite is present the rotor itself takes on qualities of a denser softer material. Heat is more evenly dispersed to reduce warping cracks are less likely and vibration-related noise is greatly reduced. RK Series Premium OE Replacement Rotor Kit is anodized for corrosion resistance and rotors should be fully ready for performance driving after a 500 mile break-in period.

The world-renowned brake experts at EBC have developed over a dozen variations of performance brake components and each one is crafted to provide a superior level of grip wear and performance for uniquely different vehicle sizes weights and applications. When the company engineers who created pads that can survive 1 800 degree temperature test runs turn their attention to creating equally impressive brake rotors you will see rotors finely tuned to deliver impressive looks behind your wheel spokes and last run performance thatÃ Æ Ã â€ Ã â€ Ã¢€â ¢Ã Æ Ã¢€Å¡Ã †à ¢€Ã Æ Ã â€ Ã â€ Ã Â¢Ã Æ Ã Â¢€Ã â€¦Ã Â¾Ã Æ Ã¢€Å¡Ã †à ¢s as equally impressive as your first. If youÃ Æ Ã â€ Ã â€ Ã¢€â ¢Ã Æ Ã¢€Å¡Ã †à ¢€Ã Æ Ã â€ Ã â€ Ã Â¢Ã Æ Ã Â¢€Ã â€¦Ã Â¾Ã Æ Ã¢€Å¡Ã †à ¢ve been let down by underperforming brake rotors that didnÃ Æ Ã â€ Ã â€ Ã¢€â ¢Ã Æ Ã¢€Å¡Ã †à ¢€Ã Æ Ã â€ Ã â€ Ã Â¢Ã Æ Ã Â¢€Ã â€¦Ã Â¾Ã Æ Ã¢€Å¡Ã †à ¢t last as long as they should RK Series Premium OE Replacement Rotor kit is designed for the long run. If installed at the same time as a new set of EBC long life brake pads itÃ Æ Ã â€ Ã â€ Ã¢€â ¢Ã Æ Ã¢€Å¡Ã †à ¢€Ã Æ Ã â€ Ã â€ Ã Â¢Ã Æ Ã Â¢€Ã â€¦Ã Â¾Ã Æ Ã¢€Å¡Ã †à ¢s not uncommon for these rotors to last the length of the first set with more than enough life to be used with a second set. All EBC brake rotors are cast to a high metal strength rating of 150 newton meters and are precision CNC machined to be within tolerances of less than 0.05 millimeters. RK Series Premium OE Replacement Rotor Kit is the result of relentless testing and refinement and when better brake rotors are built it is EBC that will build them.

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