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Cusco TYPE-MZ Limited Slip Differential 2W (1.5 & 2 Way) Genesis Coupe 10-16

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Cusco TYPE-MZ Limited Slip Differential 2W (1.5 & 2 Way) Genesis Coupe 10-16
Part Number: LSD-HY1-K2
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Type MZ limited slip differential is designed where the activation pressure opposes the direction of the initial torque with the utilization of the cone spring. The LSD operation first becomes engaged when the opposing pressures start working against one another.

The Type MZ features the highest rated initial torque rating than the rest of any other Cusco LSD models. This is due to the high pressure cone spring which engages full clutch pack lock at a linear rate.




Pressure ring features dual profiles to switch between (1 way & 1.5 way) (1 way & 2 way) (1.5 way & 2 way) without purchasing additional components!  Specialized cam profiles are available for custom orders.

1 way LSD
Specially suited for front wheel drive cars and AWD car front axles. Activates under acceleration, and acts as a true LSD when the throttle is off. This CUSCO 1 way LSD will improve lap times.
1.5 way LSD
Activates under acceleration while the under-steer under deceleration is less than on a 2 way LSD. Recommended for those who have a hard time with under-steer.
2 way LSD
Recommended on rear wheel drive cars and AWD car rear axles. Activates on both acceleration and deceleration. Recommended for those who prefer aggressive driving and big angle drifting.



All Cusco limited slip differentials have the option of adjusting the responsiveness and the locking characteristics the LSD by the combination of each plate and its designation of how it is stacked. Cusco's exclusive clutch plate grooves are cut radially enabling instant oil movement, thus improving efficiency and durability. The pressure ring contact surface is polished for an even and flat contact with the clutch plates. The exclusive Cusco Oil Through System enhances great oil circulation and supply to the necessary areas when used with the Cusco LSD Oil.

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