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Corbeau Forza Sport Seat in Black Vinyl

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Corbeau Forza Sport Seat in Black Vinyl
Part Number: FIA29102
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Product Information
Taking our ever-popular Forza seat to the next level, Corbeau is excited to announce the Forza Sport racing seat, which is an FIA approved version of the Forza. The Forza Sport is hands down the most affordable FIA approved racing seat money can buy. For years this seat has been a favorite in the European racing scene and we are pleased to now make it available in North America. The Forza Sport is bottom and side mount capable and features energy absorbing foam and 3,4,5, and 6-point harness capability. As a rule of thumb, the Forza Sport racing seat will fit up to 38" waist. The Forza Sport is available in cloth or vinyl materials. 

Technical Specifications:
  • FIA: The Forza Sport racing seat is FIA approved.

  • Bolster Support:Ultimate lateral support with well-defined thigh, kidney, and shoulder bolsters, will allow both the driver and passenger to remain in the optimal seating position. The reduction of body shifting will reduce the amount of driver fatigue and enhance the overall driving experience.

  • Harness Capability: This seat has harness slots for 3, 4, 5, and 6-point harness capability. A submarine slot is already installed for the anti-submarine strap.

  • Fabric:Anti-slip cloth and vinyl materials, coupled with anti-wear patches. Contains UV inhibitors. This seat has been extensively tested under extreme conditions and found to be colorfast.

  • Steel Frame: Rigid steel frame. This seat is equipped with bottom and side mount capability.

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