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Alphaspeed TCU tuning for Hyundai Genesis Sedan 8spd automatic

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Alphaspeed TCU tuning is now available for the Hyundai Genesis Sedan with 8spd Transmissions

This tune applies to the Hyundai Genesis Sedans (not Genesis Brand G70/80 cars) with the 8spd automatic transmission and it is a tune strictly for the transmission only.  for Engine tunes please refer to the ECU tunes.


*Raised Shift Points to 7000 rpms
       (This allows for a larger powerband and potential higher power toward the top of the rpm range)
*Disabled Auto UP-shift in manual mode
       (Effective during taking high speed corners so you can hold the gear you want and maintain rpm)
*Keeps all oem parameters during regular automatic mode
       (Drive home from the track with ease by leaving it in automatic and enjoy the comfort driving)

*Requires ECU tune to work in conjunction for the raised shift points

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