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AVO Electronics Boost Controller - Universal Boost Controller PSI

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AVO Electronics Boost Controller - Universal Boost Controller PSI
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AVO Turboworld Electronic Boost Controller: The AVO Electronic Boost Controller (EBC) gives full control over the boost levels of your turbocharger! OEM boost control is adequate for stock vehicles, but leaves much to be desired in terms of control and efficiency. The AVO EBC improves the boost speed response of the turbocharger and helps prevent boost spikes and creep, along with full electronic control over boost levels. There s even a low and high boost mode for quick switching to desired boost.

Rich with features, the AVO EBC also offers Offset and GAIN settings for dialing in the best response and safety for your vehicle.

The 3-port Solenoid used in the AVO EBC system is much more efficient than the stock setup.

Instead of constantly having pressure on the wastegate actuator, the 3-port solenoid completely blocks off the pressure to the actuator until it s necessary. This improves boost response at lower rpm s, enabling the turbocharger to reach maximum boost much faster. Not only does this help the lower rpm s, but allows for much more precise control at higher RPM s, making sure the boost stays at the proper level. This is very important not just from a performance standpoint, but keeps your engine from being damaged by excessive boost spikes!

This is a major advantage not just over the stock system, but over systems that are using a manual boost controller as well. Manual boost controllers can be useful in specific setups, but cannot adapt to any variables, such as weather changes, fuel quality changes and such. The AVO EBC has full control over the boost levels and quickly adapts to any changes thanks to the GAIN settings.

The 3-port solenoid can also be set to vent the air back into the intake, which is ideal for maintaining factory emissions certifications. And at the opposite end, if you have a turbocharger setup that uses an external wastegate, the 3-port solenoid can be set up to work it properly, unlike a normal 2-port solenoid!

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