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ATP Garrett GT2554R Bolt-On Turbo for 1.6L Ecoboost Fiesta ST

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Your Price: $2,295.00
ATP Garrett GT2554R Bolt-On Turbo for 1.6L Ecoboost Fiesta ST
Part Number: ATP-FIE-025
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Code: ATP-FIE-025
Price: $2,295.00
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 GEN2 - GTX2860R Bolt-On Turbo for 1.6L Ecoboost Fiesta ST

NOW AVAILABLE - Garrett GEN2 - GTX2860R bolt-on Turbo for the +2014 Fiesta ST Turbo 1.6L, 450+HP capable. 

Product Highlights: 
- Stock Location, Direct Bolt-on 
- Internally Wastegated
- V-band flanged turbo adapter 
- Stock turbo flanged downpipe compatible
- Stock placement intake pipe compatible. Adapter elbow provided.
- New steel braided oil feed and coolant lines provided
- Fits stock oil drain tube
- High flow charge air pipe (Product Code ATP-FIE-004) included

Application Notes: 
Diverter Valve and/or Blow-Off Valve (BOV):

The stock turbo has an integrated "electric" diverter valve, which expels boost on throttle lift. The stock turbo compressor housing has an integrated ÒelectricÓ diverter valve. 

Upgrading to a Garrett GT/GTX turbo eliminates the stock ÒelectricÓ diverter valve through replacement of the stock turbo. The stock ÒelectricÓ diverter valve offers limited flow potential and inadequate for increased airflow from an upgrade performance turbo.

Replacement of stock ÒelectricÓ diverter valve is necessary; and requires a high flowing ÒmechanicalÓ or vacuum actuated valve to handle increased flow on throttle lift from an upgrade performance turbo.

Recommend TiAL Q Blow Off Valve (ATP product code: TIL-BOV-007, TiAL Q Blow Off Valve) for best overall performance and reliability. The TiAL Q Blow Off Valve with 1" hose clamp style mounting flange, plugs to the 1" port provided with each ATP Fiesta ST GT/GTX turbo upgrade. Additional requirements to run an actuator hose to blow off valve:
1) Vacuum fitting adapter (ATP product code: ATP-FIE-005, Vacuum Source Block for 2014+ Fiesta ST) 
2) 6 feet of vacuum hose (ATP product code: ATP-SIL-246, 3/16Ó (4.7mm) inner diameter extruded silicone vacuum hose)

Note, the Fiesta ST runs perfectly with a vent to atmosphere BOV and will not cause drivability issues. Although we recommend a TiAL Q Blow Off Valve for overall durability, you can use ANY brand of valve you choose and trust.

In order to prevent fault code you may disconnect the stock ÒelectricÓ diverter valve from your ECU tune. If your ECU tune cannot disable the stock ÒelectricÓ diverter valve, you may leave the electrical circuit plugged in to prevent a fault code. ÒSim- PlugÓ may also simulate the electrical draw of an active stock ÒelectricÓ diverter valve. 

Installation Instrustions:


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