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2012-2016 Hyundai Veloster and Veloster Turbo 2 Point Front Tiebar Brace

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Part Number:PMVT-2pt
We've built a 2 point lower tiebar brace to help minimize the deflection in the stock crossmember and a-arm mounts and stiffen up the crossmember overall, the brace gives the driver a more precise feel at turn in thru midcorner. The 2 point brace bolts to the front of the a-arm bolts and keeps the control arm mounts from flexing which reduces the toe change in both braking and acceleration. We made our bars out of chromoly for both the strength and weight savings. The 2 point bar weighs in under 2lbs and is 200% stronger and more rigid than bars made from mild steel. The install is very easy, with common handtools a person can complete the install in under an hour.  Bars come coated in anthracite but can be painted any color for a small fee!

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