1. 2001-2013 Hyundai Elantra Rear Turn Signal LEDs

2001-2013 Hyundai Elantra Rear Turn Signal LEDs

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2001-2013 Hyundai Elantra Rear Turn Signal LEDs
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We offer a number of options for your rear turn signal bulbs. First, choose your color. You should select the color which matches the reflector housing. If there is no reflector, you can choose the color you prefer. Then, choose your brightness!

Stage 1: Equal brightness as OEM factory bulbs, with the crisp, modern instant on/off of LED technology.
Stage 2: Much brighter than OEM bulbs, with the crisp, modern instant on/off of LED technology. These are bright!

The stage 1 bulb has 27 5050-size SMDs. The stage 2 bulb has four 1.5W chips along with one forward-firing 5W CREE chip.

The bulbs use an exact terminal and will fit as a replacement for stock incandescant. All bulbs use less power and heat than the stock bulbs, and will last longer than your vehicle. Our LEDs use only the best components and are of the highest quality. The bulbs are designed for exceptional heat dispersion, and a diode is implanted to protect the LED from reverse polarity or voltage surge. The LED is wired for 12v operation, the kind found on all vehicles.

Included in your order is TWO BULBS.

Hyperblink Fix: The turn signals on most vehicles will begin to blink fast (hyperblink) when LED bulbs are installed. This is because LEDs use less power than the original bulbs, so your vehicle thinks that the bulb is out. There are two ways to fix this:

  1. Flasher Replacement: If possible, replacing the flasher is the easiest option. On some vehicles, you can remove the flasher, which is a small relay module under the dash, and replace it with a new flasher designed for LEDs, which will not blink fast. It is the module that actually makes the "clicking" noise. Some newer vehicles have this integrated into the vehicle's computer, so it is not possible to replace it. If we know of a flasher that is compatible with your vehicle, it will be listed here as an option. We recommend this over resistors whenever possible, because it is an easier installation. You only need one LED flasher for both front and rear LED turn signals.
  2. Resistor Kit: This is a universal way to fix the issue, and will work for any vehicle. By adding a resistor to the bulb's circuit, you can mimic the power consumption of the original bulb, and return the vehicle to normal turn signal speed. The installation takes 10-15 minutes, and involves making two simple connections. Everything you need is included in the kit. If you have both front and rear LED turn signals, you usually only need one set of resistors, on the front or the back. Here is a video on how to install resistors:

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