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ATP GTX3576R - EVO X Bolt-On Factory 3 Bolt Comp & Internal Wastegate, .94 A/R

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ATP GTX3576R - EVO X Bolt-On Factory 3 Bolt Comp & Internal Wastegate, .94 A/R
Part Number: ATP-VEVO-165
Availability: In Stock

Model Years: 2008 +

Engine: 2.0L 4B11 Turbocharged Inline 4

The Garrett® Evo X Turbo Upgrade allows you to push your AWD, rally-bred monster up to an estimated 750HP+ with the latest technology dual ball bearing GEN2 GTX3576R. Each turbo has been meticulously designed to be a bolt-on upgrade with no fabrication, cutting or welding required.

This Evo X Turbo Upgrade features a specially designed twin-scroll turbine housing that mates up directly to the Evo X's stock exhaust manifold as well as the stock exhaust down pipe to allow for aftermarket exhausts to be used without worrying about fitment.

The turbine housing allows for the retention of the stock exhaust heat shield for better temperature control as well as a stealth look.

The ported shroud compressor housing reduces the occurrence of surge during operation and mates directly to the intake piping as well as the stock outlet position.

The Garrett® patented dual ball bearing center housing is standard on both turbocharger options for unmatched power handling and unbeatable response.

The Evo X Turbo Upgrade is a powerful, yet highly streetable enhancement to an already potent car.

 GEN2 GTX3576R
Horsepower (estimated)750+
Compressor Wheel Inducer58mm
Compressor Wheel Exducer76mm
Compressor Wheel Trim58
Compressor Housing A/R0.60
Turbine Wheel Diameter68.0mm
Turbine Housing A/R0.94

Kit Contains:

  • Garrett GEN2 GTX3576R dual ball bearing application specific turbocharger
  • Inlet elbow
  • Oil drain line
  • Water lines
  • Gaskets and necessary hardware
  • Installation Instructions
  GEN2 GTX3576R
 Stock(GEN2 GTX3576R )

PLEASE NOTE: Turbos with BIG wheel combinations such as these require good airflow in and out of them in order to do their job efficiently. Whenever possible, run the largest diameter inlet piping (3" preferred) to allow adequate airflow into the turbo and 3" diameter piping out of the turbine exhaust to facilitate maximum flow. Allowing the turbo to inhale and exhale freely through large piping work will allow you to attain the desired HP easier with often much less boost pressure during your tuning process. Failure to free up the turbo's flow potential can force the turbo to "top out" in power prematurely and undoubtedly place your entire engine/turbo against the perpetual "wall" and always short of reaching maximum power.

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