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Synapse Engineering Synchronic DV Kit to replace GReddy style BOVs

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Synapse Engineering offers a SEMA award-winning product line of wastegates, blow-off valves, diverter valves, exhaust systems, intercooler piping kits and more.

In our products you will find our patented Synchronic technology; a fundamental redesign of the geometry of the ubiquitous pneumatic/hydraulic actuator. This design eliminates the diaphragm with a multi-tier piston actuator that equalizes the force required to open the valve at any boost pressure which significantly reduces or eliminates compressor surge and will not leak boost.

The Synchronic Blow-Off Valve (BOV) is a fast-acting design that functions as a blow-off, diverter (DV)/bypass and even a pop-off valve. It eliminates leaking by seating the valve more as boost pressure increases.  Each assembly is pressure tested to 100 psi prior to leaving the factory.  Interchangeable inlet and discharge flanges allow us to offer various adapters and kits available for many popular applications.

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