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StopTech Subaru BRZ?FRS Front Slotted Sport Brake Kit

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StopTech Sport Kits represent the most in performance value by providing significant brake performance improvements using direct-replacement (OEM) sized components. StopTech Sport Kits are the easiest way for the enthusiast to upgrade their existing rotors, lines and pads for improved braking performance while retaining the existing factory calipers and wheel fitment. Available for 4-wheel, front axle or rear axle, the Sport Kits simplify the upgrade process by providing complete, pre-matched systems, without the hassle of mixing and matching individual components. StopTech Sport Kits are available for many popular automotive applications: * Power Slot, Drilled, or Drilled/Slotted direct replacement rotors for all four corners provide a glaze-free pad and rotors interface * Performance brake pads (front & rear) for increased bite, increased temperature range, and less dust * Stainless steel brake lines for immediate response and better control Why choose a StopTech Sport Kit?* * StopTech brake systems offer significant improvements to braking performance * Sport Kit pre-selected components provide easy parts selection * OEM sized rotors allow retention of existing factory calipers for more affordable upgrades * Quality is assured. All components are manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications

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