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Pierce Motorsports CTS-V BBK Front Conversion kit

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All the stopping power of the high priced Big Brake Kits out there at a fraction of the cost. The CTS-V brake calipers are made by Brembo and are stamped on back. These are the same brakes found on the Genesis, Corvette, CTS-V, and many others.  This brake kit was pioneered by one of our Veloster Challenge competitors and refined for several racing seasons with excellent results!

CTS-V BBK conversion kit

This conversion kit for the Veloster turbo, Forte, Elantra, Elantra Sport has been tested and proven to work exceedingly well. We pounded the streets hard with this kit and threw everything but the kitchen sink at these on the track. These CTS-V BBK upgrade kits are truly amazing and at a fraction of the cost of other BBk kits on the market. All CTS-V brakes are made by Brembo.

These Kits come with:

  • Calipers
  • Rotors
  • Speedbleeders
  • SS braided liners
  • Motul 5.1 brake fluid
  • spacers
  • hardware
  • pads

*** Note these will not fit all wheel options on the market and may need spacers. Please contact us for further details upon order.***

***If you have 17? wheels please contact us before ordering, Extra modifications will be necessary by a skilled professional***

The A dimension is 34.9mm (minimum clearance),

The B dimension is 134mm (from center bore),

The C dimension in illustration is for a 6 pot caliper  The correct measurement for the Cts-V kit is 196.85mm

**These fit all 18? wheels**

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