Pierce Motorsports 2013-2018 Veloster Turbo Downpipe

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This Piercemotorsports Stainless Downpipe with Catyalytic Converter bolts directly to the turbo to replace the restrictive oem part without modification---a direct replacement part!  We've created a fully optimized Hiflowing Downpipe using only the best materials---completely stainless from tip to tip and using CFD designed transitions, with laser cut/Water Jet/CNC cut flanges/processes to avoid distortion, and unrestrictive Centerline Radius Bends to insure maximum flow and ease of installation.  

The highflow downpipe's have been dyno tested to increase performance up to 15HP!!! With a good exhaust gains of up to 25HP can be realized as well as increased fuel economy/quicker acceleration, and overall making your Veloster more spirited in every gear!!!  The downpipes are usually in stock, but when not built to order, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.  Aftermarket DP's have been known to cause CEL---we are not responsible for them although testing has shown that the catted DP's usually do not cause CEL.

The stock converter has 2 cats/beds of element in it fairly close together---the transition from the turbo housing to the first bed is abrubt/has a lip/restriction---not to mention the cell count is very high at around 600cel. Our product has a 200CEL converter and one of the best transitions in the biz---Burns knows there stuff and have cars running in every major racing organization (indycar/alms/grand-am/nascar/brief stints in F1 etc...) in the world. The design of the downpipe has been maximised using the knowledge of over 40 yrs of professional engineering in exhaust technologies for motorsports. No expense has been spared and the product is meticulously manufactured using the best processes/materials available. It's literally a work of art!

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