BTR ECU Tune for 2010-12 Genesis Coupe 2.0T

BTR ECU Tune for 2010-12 Genesis Coupe 2.0T

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Pre Tuned ECU's take 2-3 week on Average
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Part Number:btr_ecubk120

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Engine Type
2nd O2 sensor
Intake System
Exhaust System
1:1 Throttle
Launch control
Spark Plugs
Fuel Pump
Pop and Bang Option

*New Fuel Maps
*New Ignition Maps
*New Boost Map
*New Cam Timing Map
*New Throttle Changes
*Lowered Oil Temp Requirement for Boost
*Increased Rev Limiter to 7200 (Manual Transmission)
*Top Speed Governor Increased
*Absolutely more power throughout the WHOLE POWERBAND

2010-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T Manual Trans (Full Bolts on + Tune)

2010-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T Automatic (Full Bolt-ons + Tune)

Genesis Coupe 2.0T 100% Stock with BTRcc tune

Genesis Coupe 2.0T Launch Control

Genesis Coupe 3.8 No speed limiter

ECU's can take up to 2 week for shipping
BDM ports are permanently blocked for data security reasons

Disclaimer: As always, a fair warning that any modified engines carry different risks and the risks of running the tunes on the vehicles are solely of the vehicle owner.
5 Stars
A must have for Bolt Ons!
I have a 2011 2.0T R-Spec with full bolt ons. Those of you that have full bolt ons without a tune probably felt some increase in gains (like I did) prior to this tune. After this tune you will be amazed at what the car can do! I will go over the main points that I was extremely happy with. - No rev hang!..... those with a 6 speed know exactly what I'm talking about. When the rpms hang while shifting to the next gear, pretty annoying. This tune gets rid of that! - Perfect A/F ratios..... prior to tune my car was running on the lean side. It has perfect A/F ratios now. -1:1 and launch control (if you have a 6 speed and get it)...... If you don't know what it is look it up on youtube, AWESOME! As for the 1:1, I noticed it right away. Shifting and acceleration was much smoother and the cars throttle did what I wanted it to do unlike before. -The power.....Yes this is why most of you would and should buy it. There is a night and day difference between the stock pull and this. Like it says, a PULL THROUGH THE WHOLE POWERBAND. Boost goes to 20-21 psi and back off to 15-16 psi, stock 14 peak then back off to 10. I get on it at least once a day on my way to work just because I'm that impressed with it. That being said I would recommend two things. ONE, you're gonna need a new clutch for this power to avoid slipping. I already had a CC stage two installed. TWO, I would recommend newer spark plugs or regapping your existing ones. I had a little bit of pinging up near red line from either my plugs being too hot or not gapped correctly. Bought some NGK 1 step colder, problem is sloved! P.S. - I took my dad,(who has a tuned 08 Pontiac G8 6.0 and a 1987 Buick Regal Grand National), for a ride the other day and he said he felt like he had just gunned it in his cars. WHAT?!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Maryland. on 6/11/2015
5 Stars
It's like a brand new car
5 minute swap and you get a new car. Totally wakes the car up and changes it way it feels across the entire RPM range.
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Reviewed by:  from Marietta, GA. on 8/5/2013
5 Stars
Car runs so much better. Was a great move to do, we'll worth it. Just make sure your clucth can handle it
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Venice fl. on 5/30/2016
5 Stars
After get the btr tune my car is much faster and hooman golshan know that lol
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from 2343 W main st. on 4/20/2016

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