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BTR ECU + TCU Tune for Genesis Coupe 2013+ 2.0T Automatic Transmission (Stage-AT)

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*New Fuel Maps 
*New Ignition Maps
*New Boost Map
*New Cam Timing Map
*New Throttle Changes
*Top Speed Governor Increased
*Lowered Oil Temp Requirement for Boost
*Absolutely more power throughout the WHOLE POWERBAND (higher than stage 1)
*Available 1:1 Throttle Option
*You will lose functionality of the stock Boost Gauge
*Colder Spark Plugs REQUIRED

Optional Transmission Tune allows for the driver to hold gear and not auto up-shift while in sport / manual mode.
It also decreases shift times and allows for higher rev range.  Rev Limiters is increased to a Safe Limit depending on the vehicle application.  While in drive, the vehicle will function normally. Rev Limit for the BK2 2.0T is set between 6800-7000 rpms

Always use the octane level indicated at the time of order or higher. Always use caution with Octane levels as this tune fully utilizes the octanes indicated and lower octanes can cause detonation to occur.

*Synapse Engineering BOV system is highly recommended
**Always use the selected octane level or higher

2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T Automatic (91 octane)

BDM ports are permanently blocked for data security reasons

Disclaimer: As always, a fair warning that any modified engines carry different risks and the risks of running the tunes on the vehicles are solely of the vehicle owner.

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