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BTR 2017+ Elantra Sport ECU + TCU Tune (also for Elantra GT Sport)

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The ECU tune is provided on a brand new replacement ECU.
There is no need to send in your ECU to us and the replacement ECU will arrive at your address in around 2-3 week time once ordered.

* Faster Throttle Response
* Increased Rev Limiter (Manual Transmissions only)
* Increased Top Speed Governor 
* Increased Power throughout the whole powerband
* Increased Boost and Advanced Timing Table for the Octane selected

Elantra Sport MT with 93 oct Stock vs. Tuned

Elantra Sport DCT with 93 oct Stock vs. Tuned

For Added Safety, we are requiring the use of HKS M45XL spark plugs as well as two oil catch cans for the ECU tune. 

** disclaimer: the vehicle from factory has a bit of a odd spot in the throttle where the car feels jerky, this feeling is due to how small the turbo is and this will NOT go away with the tune.  Please be advised that this is a normal occurrence with the vehicle from factory and will be the same on the tune as well.  DCT models will also notice that at very light throttle the DCT will be jerky as it tries to find the gear it should go into, this is also normal behavior from factory and the tune will not fix this issue.  ECU tune may void your factory warranty and BTR is not responsible for any damage real or perceived.

***Jerkiness described above can be minimized with the optional but highly recommended boost solenoid

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